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Jermaine Hargrove

Jermaine Hargrove

Jermaine Hargrove has spent the last decade involved in transactions ranging from property management, advising national multifamily housing businesses on marketing strategies, selling new construction for residential homes, and guiding sellers and buyers on best practices. As of September 2018, he and his husband Kevin Daniels closed on their home in Everett, Washington.

Jermaine has won top-performing sales awards in every career he’s had, including “Rookie of the year” for his first year licensed in Washington. Jermaine believes that a foundation of trust and professionalism is needed when deciding on selling or buying. The advantage you receive when working with Jermaine is the peace of mind that he will never pressure you to do something you do not want to do, and that you have a no-nonsense negotiator in your corner. Jermaine’s real value is a guarantee to outwork every other agent and show you why so many people agree that his professional approach to real estate will make your next selling or buying experience a breeze.

Jermaine Hargrove sets himself apart by making the adventure of selling or buying your next home a lighthearted, enjoyable, and stress-free experience. He will faithfully walk alongside you the entire way, attentively serving your needs, truthfully informing you about the process, providing exceptional communication and timely advice, while tirelessly working on your behalf. Your satisfaction is his greatest business priority. Check his reviews online.

FUN FACTS about your future real estate agent:

Jermaine knows the words to pretty much every Disney song, including the new ones.

He grew up all over the Southwest and is a proud member of the Navajo (Dine’) Nation and actively advocates for Indigenous rights and access to clean drinking water on reservations.

LGBT+ member and advocate.

Lastly, Jermaine is always looking for reasons to enjoy a coffee and converse about the market. Schedule your free consultation over a cup of joe or zoom TODAY!

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